Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Rellenos de chile

'Stuffed chillies'. These are a speciality of Xalapa* so we thought we had better try them out. If you go the market is a good place to get them. Quite different to what I was expecting- I thought the peppers would be stuffed with soft cheese and things- I think that is something I got from tapas. Anyway, not at a ALL.

It is quite a mild chilli- the woman selling them said they used to have hotter ones, but demand and current fashions tended towards the mild. That was unexpected.

The way you do it is make an incision in some slightly cooked, fresh chilli peppers, then fill it with a pre made and soft mixture of minced meat and vegetables. Then you get your 10 year old son Carlos to whip about 30 egg whites to a hard peak (so it wouldn't fall out if you turned the bowl over). When it is ready you dip the chillies in. The egg foam should coat them like fondue. Then deep fry it for about 5 minutes, until golden brown (like everything- that is always the colour you cook things to! So boring).

The result is a tasty snack, that is perhaps a bit greasy, but pretty good. I think it would go better with a bit of a hotter pepper- jalape
ño or up would be good. If you make it I would recommend putting something with a pretty strong flavour in the stuffing as there is a lot of low flavour stuff around it.

*Or Jalapa- this is where jalape
ños are from!

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