Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Unidentified fruit #1

A good rule of thumb is always buy a fruit immediately if you haven't seen it before. Things are regional, and seasonal, and the chances are you might not see it again.

We got this in a market where an oldish man only had these for sale, evidently this wasn't his normal occupation- just chanced upon some valuable produce and decided to liquidise his assets. At least I hope they were valuable- we were distinctly sure we were getting ripped off at 10 pesos each. Anyway we don't really know yet what prices things are at all- me and Linz are still half assuming Bolivian prices are standard (apparantly 3 pieces of bread for 8 isn't a scam...)

Anyway, I am now of the opinion that as imperialists we have already acquired all the best fruits and vegetables there are in the world, bred, injected and polished them to perfection and have them all in the supermarket back home. Every new fruit I eat seems to be just, well, shit.

The volume is largely a pair of quite attractive, shiny, mahogany- coloured seeds and the flesh was bright orange inside. This fruit was very very soft, but not juicy at all. The texture was something like an avocado, but without any sense of oiliness. There was little taste, and what taste there was was just a sort of generic... plant taste. If you know what I mean.

This feels more like a staple food than a tasty fruit- but it is dead expensive, which means it is probably just something people chance upon. This food belongs to hunter gatherers- if we agriculturalists eat boring food nowadays at least its cheap

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Michael Warshauer said...

Mamey. You can make licuados (milkshakes) with it; you can eat it with a spoon (best when it is dead ripe) and you can make a pumpkin-like pie from it.