Monday, 20 August 2007

Pulque is a bit wierd

Pulque is a beer- strength alcoholic drink fermented from maguey (what isn't?) that as far as anyone can remember has been made around this part of the world for thousands of years.

Today we decided to go and try some. I must say its not that hard to find, despite what various guidebooks say. Everyone seems to know one nearby. I think what the books are getting at is that it is not something you can get in any old bar- it has to be a pulqueria.

There is no other reason for this other than it has to be made more or less fresh, and often on premises- no one has found a good way to store it for longer than a few days. In this way it reminds me of Chicha- a similar kind of drink we had in Bolivia- but which is made from maize. In both instances this total barrier to industrialisation and mass production has pocketed the cult of the drink in a special, tiny bubble where some pleasures manage to cower beyond the reach of
money with its loud, indignant demands.

What I mean is; when you see people talk about these drinks they get genuinely excited. Unpredictability and being denied is what treats are all about.

Anyway, it is pretty viscous, almost like swilling cold spit around your mouth. We didn't get around to trying the plain version (it was our plan to try that after) but we did have, wait for it... celery, beetroot and cinnamon flavours. Not good. I thought beetroot was ok. All had salt on the rim, and really really tasted like the things they were supposed to. A nice big glass of viscous celery goo anyone?

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