Sunday, 26 August 2007

Go on! Its only waffer thin!

Currently staying with this lovely Mexican family who grow oranges for a living near Tuxpan and I think I am about to burst. I fear for my life and am actually quite tired of talking about food.

Empanadas, enchiladas, a whole boiled chicken ripped up with jalapeƱos in sandwiches, gorditas, fresh prawns from the lake, molotes.... There are so many avocados growing in the garden we can hardly keep up with the windfall between 8 of us.

Part of lunch today was a common Mexican favourite- pozole. This is a thin, opaque, hot soup with a big lump of pork, chili, radishes and lots of red. You dribble chopped lettuce or cabbage on it once it is in the bowl. Deelish.

The weather here in Tuxpan- in the rainy season at least- is like living in a mouth, and once you've got litres of hot chili- laden soup inside you the gentle, steady oozing just becomes a free for all sweat session. I think once you embrace the sweatiness it gets easier, so kudos to the soup. Refreshing.

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