Saturday, 25 August 2007

Pigs ear bitch.

Today we are in Papantla; perhaps the vanilla capital of the continent, if not the world. But that's all economics. Today I want to talk about breakfast.

We had a hot hot tamale, which is basically a maize mass of unpredictable clodginess, steamed in leaves and flavoured with- well whatever, and sold out of buckets which they have been carefully packed into to keep them warm. In this case, it was nice and sloppy (how I like it) and flavoured with a surprisingly hot tomato sauce and a pigs ear! I consider that value added. Linz wimped out of the whole thing but I do think it added a good meaty tone to the mix.

But yeah while we where eating it near the vendor some Mexican lady came up to us. Uppity auld thing; as closely as I can remember this is what she said...

"You look like civilised people- you shouldn't be eating this muck! It's not for our type. Look at me, how do you think I'm so thin? I drink lots of aguas de fruta!! You don't want to be like those fat, ugly bastards who work in the market. We civilised people know this kind of food is not for us. What do you think you're doing?!"

Not a smirk. Watabitch.

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